March 11, 2020

10 Ways You Can Gain Interest on Social Media

Talk about your Topic, not only your brand

In many new situations when you come into contact with new people it’s important to get talking to them. Obviously creating content and publishing it onto your social feeds is perfect in letting people know what you are about

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Staying relatable is every brand's main problem with gaining exposure. Also, some brands get use their social platform for advertising and just seem to forget the "social" part of it. They way you treat your social media posts is similair to how you socialise with new people you meet on a day to day scenario.

Getting social on groups

As your on your social platform and wondering how to get your name out there without spending a cent. The easy answer is to join local groups and keep an eye out for an opportunity that only your business can offer. This way you are reaching out directly to your target audience, and it is as simple as starting a conversation.

Best Practice: Being the first to reply to queries helps to put you above your competitors. However, if the content you provide isn’t of use and is clear to customers you published it in a rush, you are likely to damage your reputation and brand image. Instead, we advise you to complete ongoing research to the most commonly asked questions in your area to create sample answers that can easily be personalised and published to give relevant quick responses.

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Sharing is caring

Connecting with the community also means you - as your brand - interacting with your audience the same way that you would want them to interact with your brand. What this simply means is you comment on your follower's content and share it on your own platform, it creates content for you and for them. It's a win-win scenario.

In addition to making the customer feel great about themselves for being worthy to go on your business feed, it can lead to them sharing your reply to them or even screenshotting the evidence of you favouriting or sharing their content. That means more exposure for you.

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Let influencers do the work for you

An influencer is a person on social media that has a few thousand followers or even a few million. It can be beneficial for you to form a partnership with these influencers and utilize their platform and reach out to their followers. The only challenge you might have is that all influencers have their own kind of "brand", you brand needs to be aligned with theirs and the union will be beneficial to both.

A guest appearance or feature that has a bit more exposure for you is great for your brand and that you aren't afraid to collaborate with other agencies or businesses - as long as you are both brand recognised as the same kind of goal or business venture. This is a great way to reach out to your professional connections to utilize both social profiles to gain mutual exposure - collaborations should be vital in your social marketing campaign.

Strike up a conversation

Gaining interaction with your viewers in a social platform is to not think like a business but more of a Gen-Z millenial. The use of pop culture is a great way to show that you are more than a business - but there are real people behind the account and that aren't afraid to take risks. The new age of socialising has evolved to a more visual standard - videos are the most popular and usually the most intractable over regular images. Try out a few ideas from the pop culture world and maybe throw in an emoji or a GIF. A great idea is to pose questions and ask people their opinion, such as the legendary "Pineapple on Pizza" - Yes or no?

Put a little heart behind those words

Advertising nowadays isn't necessarily the fancy words or the pretty pictures. It has taken a new direction - a more human one. Where the words you say and how you say usually provides a more emotional response from your followers. Adding some personality or shining a light on some harsh topics because if it is what your brand believes in - then you should let your followers know that you care and you aren't just making awareness for your business but also for your cause.

PRO TIP - Hashtags

Hashtags in the social world help those that don't know your brand or who you are to find you. Strategically using the most popular hashtags relating to your brand is going to bring your brand closer to the audience looking for your product or service. In other words, attracting your exact target market and bringing them to your social page. Although, try not use random popular tags as they might bring the wrong kind of audience and they may leave comments or share your social media posts in the wrong places.

Remember: If the hashtag relates to your target audience or can help you reach your target audience, include it in your post. But don’t go hashtag mad! Too many hashtags can be more damaging to your social media feed and brand reputation than you think!

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