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Graphic Design

Let us create a look and feel that is uniquely yours, one that can be adapted and applied to everything from business cards to company brochures, from mugs and cars to highway billboards.

Venta HQ Web Design
Web Design

Brand Analysis, Competitive Research & Marketing Strategies are conducted to place your brand in a competitive position to reach its full potential on an online platform. Your website is your clients / customers first point of your brand's exposure.

Venta HQ - Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics

Are you exploring all the digital design opportunities available for you to tell your brand’s story? Let us position you in the market by creating engaging, interactive and virtual experiences for your brand.

Venta HQ 3D Rendering & Modelling
3D Modelling & Rendering

Bring your drawings and blueprints to life with our 3D renderings. Whether you’re an interior decorator, an architect, a car manufacturer or a conference exhibitor, we’ll create your space for you.

Venta HQ  Social Media Management
Social Media Management

Develop a strong presence on any social media platform. We’ll design, launch and maintain your accounts on an ongoing basis, ensuring they drive customers to your brand.

Find the answers to our frequently asked questions here

Are you expensive?

No, we are priced competitively below most of our competitors and produce the same quality or higher. As a team of freelancers, we do not have typical business expenses - so we can afford to drop our prices which benefits us and helps make it affordable for you.

What kind of Motion Graphics do you do?

We mostly do flat (2D) graphics as it is currently trending. We unfortunately do not shoot our own footage, we'd have to outsource to a few of our close friends, videographers. We are currently in the trial stage of animating 3D content. Soon, we can offer it to you.

How long have you guys been in the creative industry?

Miguel Berenguer (CEO of Venta | HQ) has been in the industry for 6+ Years. Working in design agencies and partnering with media houses and marketing firms to produce quality content and maintaining those very same clients till this day.

What makes Venta | HQ different from any other agency?

Venta | Hq is a unique thinking group of professionals that strive in making a difference in our clients lives. From giving their brands a facelift and reaching its goals to thinking of new ways to humanize a brand - to make it relatable to their audience. We strive in doing what's best for our clients, no client is more important than the other - regardless of size or brand.

Do you do 3D Photorealistic Architecture Renders?

Yes, we have capabilities to work with architects to bring their blueprints to a photorealistic virtual reality. Using a combination of Industry Standard Software and powerful render engines, we can model, texture, add lighting & render to a result that mirrors an architect's dreams.

"Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones."
- Bruce Garrabrandt
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